Before there was Content + Co, there was simply Content. A summer cottage, designed as the private residence for Mr. Charles Leland. Construction on the property began in 1882. Leland, from a long line of hoteliers, created and named his quiet refuge "Content." (pronounced: /kənˈtent/) (adj): in a state of peaceful happiness.

On August 17, 1884, a The New York Times article discussing the upcoming NJ beach season, describes it best:

Another novelty in the way of a cottage is that just completed by Mr. Charles Leland, of the Ocean Hotel, which its artistic owner has appropriately christened "Content." Mr. Leland, years ago, became familiar with the architecture of Cuban and Central American houses, and formed a liking for their system of building, with a courtyard in the center, and the four sides of the house surrounding it, and shutting it in from all the world.

Accordingly, when he determined to build a little snuggery for himself, where he could find relief from the bustle of life in the hotel, he selected a fine site on the shore of the Shrewsbury River a mile from the iron pier and built after his own plans.


Husband and wife team, John + Courtney Achilli, have created Content + Co. as a means to share the history of Content with others. With Content as a catalyst, they are exploring a life, following their individual passions and talents

In 2014, John + Courtney purchased Content. which was in foreclosure and had been abandoned for several years. The house had been stripped of all utilities (heat, water pipes, etc.) and was in need of a full renovation.

During this time, the couple began blogging about the restoration process and sharing their photo journal on Instagram.

Skilled in woodworking and construction, John focused much of his attention on the preservation of Content., while Courtney honed in on a signature design style inspired by her love of vintage decor and the couples love of nature. 

Completing all of the work themselves, John + Courtney continue to improve Content's function and aesthetic everyday.  John works as a full-time master craftsman, specializing in custom woodworking which can be found throughout the home.

After dedicating 10 years to the New York event planning industry, Courtney left her corporate career to focus full-time on Content.  

Inspired by entertaining and homemaking, Courtney enjoys sharing Content.; welcoming guests overnight, hosting events at the house, as well as planning external events for clients.

As a team, John + Courtney now help others realize the potential in their own homes as home design and renovation consultants.

Content. is not only a home, it is an opportunity for John + Courtney to support their family and the community through creativity, relaxation and celebration.


“As the current stewards of this historic property, we feel truly privileged.

We could not imagine keeping Content. to ourselves.”

- John & Courtney Achilli


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept products for review?
A: Yes we do! But we don’t accept solicited paid reviews and we do not post reviews of products we didn’t enjoy. But we're happy to email you feedback with pros and cons.

Q: Do you participate in collaborations?
A: Certainly. We have been so fortunate to work with amazing businesses to share mutually beneficial content with our followers. If you are interested in collaborating, let us know!

Q: Is the house available for production purposes?
A: Yes, we do share the house for production purposes (film, photography). If you are interested in utilizing our spaces for commercial purposes, please contact us for availability and rates.